Getting the job done fast while still producing accurate, high-quality results is
critical to Massmann’s clients. The firm has combined technology with experienced
and talented surveyors to establish an efficient, quality-based project

All survey crews are equipped with “Trimble 5600 Robotic Total Stations”,
Trimble TSCE data collectors, and SOKKIA B2 automatic levels, together
with Trimble GPS equipment that is available to us. Schonstedt metal detectors
and the normal variety of survey equipment are also part of each survey

The Trimble 5600 Total Station series gives surveyors access to the best,
most-productive measuring methods available—ideal for a wide range of applications.
The 5600 total station with its innovative Servo, Autolock®, and Robotic technology, plus three Direct
Reflex EDM options, allows Massmann’s crews to survey more productively than ever before.

After collecting on-site data and documenting their on-site findings, the CADD team will prepare the final documentations.
These may include developing a survey plat, documenting survey data, preparing property line strip maps or topographic maps, or summarizing collected as-built field measurements. Survey crews then review the survey plat / documents prior to submittal to clients for an added quality review.
Crew members have extensive experience in use of GPS equipment for various sites including Saint Louis University, Harris Stowe State College, several Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad projects and Marathon Oil Company pipeline location surveys.