About Us

Experience That Speaks for Itself

With a strong background in subdivision surveying and condominium projects, Massmann Surveying outshines the competition. We have recorded over 1,000 subdivision and condominium plats with recorder of deeds offices in both Missouri and Illinois.  With the housing market becoming healthy again we have completed a multitude of these projects during the last year.

Massmann Surveying surpasses the competition in land surveying in the Metropolitan St. Louis area and has completed a wide range of unique projects, including helping to set up lighting on Saint Louis University’s soccer field, helping in the alignment of a pro-football stadium’s turf, and recreating the scenes of several automobile accidents in order to provide expert witness testimony in court cases. The most unique project Massmann Surveying has worked on required the recreation of the landscapes of a series of UFO sightings in Illinois for a program featured on the Discovery Channel called, UFO Over Illinois. Within one night, multiple Illinois police officers from different towns reported seeing a UFO passing over the state. Our role was to properly locate the original sites’ trees, roads and landmarks to ensure the program’s reenactment imitated the actual circumstances of the sightings. While this project was especially challenging, we jumped at the opportunity to participate in such an unusual project.